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Pharmacy Billing And Collections

Provide Billing And AR Collections For LTC Pharmacies /Retail Pharmacies.

Oneiro Management Group is committed to helping long-term care (LTC) and retail pharmacies manage their finances effectively. One of our primary services involves comprehensive billing solutions. We aim to ensure the accurate and efficient processing of claims. This not only reduces errors that can lead to delayed payments or disputes but also streamlines your billing operations, making it easier for your staff to manage.

Billing is a complex process that requires careful attention to detail. Our expertise can help you navigate this process more efficiently, leading to quicker payments and improved cash flow. This is crucial for any pharmacy, as consistent cash flow ensures you can maintain inventory, pay staff, and cover other operational costs without interruption.

In addition to billing, we also provide services for managing accounts receivable collections. We ensure that payments from all sources — whether private payers, insurance companies, or government healthcare programs — are received promptly. This helps to reduce outstanding debts and maintain the financial health of your pharmacy.