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Pharmacy Staffing Solutions

Provide Staffing Needs (PIC, Pharmacist, Pharmacy Technicians, Clerks, Billers, Typists) For LTC Pharmacies.

Oneiro Management Group understands that a well-staffed pharmacy is key to delivering efficient, high-quality service. We offer comprehensive staffing solutions tailored specifically for long-term care (LTC) pharmacies. We know that each role, from the Pharmacist in Charge (PIC) to pharmacy technicians, clerks, billers, and typists, plays a critical part in the smooth operation of a pharmacy. Therefore, we ensure that we source the best person suited for each position.

Our staffing solutions go beyond simply filling vacancies. We focus on matching your pharmacy with skilled professionals who align with your goals and values, contributing to a harmonious and productive work environment. We aim to help build a robust team that is not only skilled but also dedicated to delivering exceptional service to your customers.